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Terms and Conditions


Opta Information Intelligence (formerly RMS) reports, including any supplements or addenda, will be prepared by Opta Information Intelligence in compliance with commonly accepted loss prevention practices, appropriate to the type of service provided. Opta Information Intelligence assumes no responsibility for management or control of any changes or modifications recommended in its reports.

Any recommendations or conclusions made in Opta Information Intelligence's reports are based upon the apparent/obvious conditions and obvious practices observed at the location(s) at which Opta Information Intelligence's services are rendered, on the date those services are rendered, and on information provided to Opta Information Intelligence by the client. Opta Information Intelligence does not warrant or guarantee that all hazards will be ascertained and referred to by it in the reports or in any recommendations or conclusions, or that other hazards do not exist.

Services are performed and reports are developed in response to information submitted on the application, and do not take into account any conversations, arrangements, or other communications of any kind.


Opta Information Intelligence does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage of any kind, arising directly or indirectly from the services performed here, including reliance on any reports issued by Opta Information Intelligence or any of its agents, employees or representatives.

Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions and the information provided by the customer in the application screens, constitute the entire agreement between the customer and Opta Information Intelligence. There are no other representations, terms or warranties applying to the services provided under this agreement and no additions, changes, deletions or termination of this agreement shall be binding unless agreed to and confirmed in writing by both Opta Information Intelligence and the customer.

Payment for Services

Payment for services rendered is due upon receipt of an invoice from Opta Information Intelligence. Late payment charges are applicable on amounts outstanding for more than thirty (30) days.

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